Thursday, September 03, 2009

This is why I love Wednesdays

My husband works Wednesday nights and that is the only night of the week that I am home alone with the kids. I usually cook dinner and watch some TV with them. I'm hoping that within the next month or so the weather will start to cool down in the evenings. When that happens I plan to go for walks in the neighborhood with them, or go to the park behind my house to play. It's such a gratifying feeling to be able to get out with them and do things myself. Just Mom and her babies.
My favorite part of Wednesday night is that my little Lexi will sleep in my bed. I do not let my kids sleep in my bed, and they haven't since they were young babies. It's not that I have anything against it... some of the best families I know let their kids sleep in their beds. But for my husband and I, it just doesn't work.
When my husband is working, I have an incredibly hard time sleeping. I think it is because I worry about him so much when he's working out there in the night. The area that he works in gets a lot of criminal activity. He patrols the Sunnyslope area, amongst others, and even though the area has been a hotbed for crime, there has been an increase in horrible thigns done there lately. So, I end up having Lexi sleep in my bed. Her warm little body next to me always seems to soothe me so that I am able to sleep. It reminds me of when she would sleep with me when I was nursing her. She is the best little snuggler.

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rachel whetzel said...

Ahhhh Snugglers... aren't they the BEST!?!? I love that ALL of my boys snuggle. So many of my friend's kids don't like to, and that would break my heart I think.